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IPCL Refractive Surgery

Implantable contact lens surgery has been available for some time already to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism and make patients independent of spectacles for distance vision. Now available is an IPCL that can not only correct your myopia or hyperopia, but also presbyopia. Presbyopia is the normal age-related change in the eye that makes reading fine print difficult, and starts from the age of 45 onwards. This is why people require reading glasses or multifocal spectacles from their mid forties onwards. This new IPCL can make you independent of spectacles for both distance and near vision, while retaining your own natural crystalline lens. It is therefore suitable for patients between the age of 45 and 55. The IPCL is like a soft contact lens that is inserted into the eye through a 2.8mm incision and is placed behind the iris, in front of your natural crystalline lens. It is made from reinforced hybrid acrylic material to ensure excellent long term performance and it cannot be rejected by the body. The lens is customized according to the shape and size of each eye and is available in a wide power range. Two tiny holes at the optical zone margin ensure continues aqueous flow from the posterior chamber to the anterior chamber. These holes are placed superiorly to avoid any glare or scattering of light due to the holes.

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